About ChildIN

What is ChildIN?

Running from 2018 to 2021, ChildIN is an Erasmus+ project aiming at providing specific blended training for childminders on autism to support the effective inclusion of autistic children in France, Portugal, and Poland.

Who we are?

The ChildIN partnership brings together training and certification providers; public bodies dealing with welfare and support to families and communities; and associations representing autistic people and their families at national and European levels.

Expected results

ChildIN will provide appropriate skills, knowledge, effective strategies and locally-appropriate training contributing then to the improvement of the learning offer for childminders, and to the improvement of quality offer to care recipients.

Latest News

Join ChildIn’s final event online

On 21 April, 2021, Autism-Europe will host the final ev

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ChildIN trainers begin their second round of virtual training sessions in Portugal

On 3 October 2020, 11 trainers from France, Poland and

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ChildIN releases a free database of more than 200 resources on autism spectrum disorder

As additional support for childminders, Vocational Educ

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ChildIN holds its fourth partner meeting online due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Postponed from May to October 2020, the fourth transnat

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A message from the project coordinators- October 2020

Nobody imagined early this year that a worldwide pandem

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La mise en œuvre de la formation ChildIN en France, est clôturée par un évènement à Nevers

Le 19 septembre 2020, une quinzaine d’assistantes mat

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ChildIN kicks off its pilot training sessions in Portugal

Between May and July 2020, eight Portuguese childminder

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Coimbra holds the first launching event of ChildIN

On March 4, 2020, the ChildIN project held its first la

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A Porto, des professionnels européens se forment à l’autisme et à un accompagnement inclusif

Du 26 au 29 novembre 2019, 11 professionnels de Pologne

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Troisième réunion de consortium à Porto

Les 25 et 26 novembre 2019, 14 partenaires en provenanc

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Deuxième réunion transnationale à Olsztyn

Les 16 et 17 mai 2019, les partenaires portugais, belge

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Le référentiel de compétences ChildIN est évalué à Coimbra

Le 29 avril 2019, au Portugal, une quinzaine de parents

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Les experts polonais évaluent le référentiel de compétences ChildIN

Le 15 avril 2019, un groupe de discussion a eu lieu à

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Les professionnels et les parents évaluent les standards ChildIN en France

Le 10 avril 2019, 24 professionnels, assistants materne

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Journée mondiale de la sensibilisation à l’autisme

Pendant la journée mondiale de la sensibilisation à l

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Réunion de lancement à Paris

Les 14 et 15 novembre 2018, 12 professionnels et repré

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