Key ChildIN


The ChildIN competence framework for childminders

This document represents Intellectual Output 1 “Competence framework” of the Erasmus+ project ChildIN. It defines knowledge, skills, responsibility and autonomy needed for home-based childminders dealing with children with autism spectrum disorder. It also includes the learning design to achieve defined competences.

The ChildIN database of resources

This feature represents Intellectual Output 2 “Database of Resources” of the Erasmus+ project ChildIN. This free online tool includes resources on autism including reasoned description, assessed on the basis of their value in terms of learning quality, safety (this applies particularly to online games for autistic children), scientific soundness and community inclusion. These three dimensions has been assessed on the basis of a matrix designed jointly by the ChildIN partnership, that possesses high competences in all explored areas. The database will be updated until the end of the project (April 2021).

To date, the database counts with more than 200 resources in English, French, Polish and Portuguese, classified in the following main categories: Autism specificities; Selected issues related to autism; Education; Care; and Others (like sexuality, self-awareness or family).

The ChildIN set of blended training materials

This document represents Intellectual Output 3 “ChildIN Training modules – Synthetic report” of the Erasmus+ project ChildIN. This report describes the implementation of the experimental training course, tested in France, Poland, and Portugal. It provides information about the process from the leawrning materials development to their testing.
The report analyses the relation between the objectives of the project and the results (learning materials, Training Kit) and its testing, as well as is relevance for childminders and educational assistants, children with autism and their families. Detailed information about the learning materials is provided, as well as their organisation of the training delivery, information about the trainers and the trainees, and implementation’ results.

The guidelines on how to use tools and materials

This document represents Intellectual Output 4 “ChildIN Guidelines” of the Erasmus+ project ChildIN. These Guidelines are a practical guide for training providers to use the training materials provided by the project. They provide guidance on how to use the ChildIN materials, this is to say the Training Kit including: a Training Manual, a Presentation Repository, a Training Activities Repository, and an Evaluation Tools Repository.

The ChildIN policy brief

This document represents Intellectual Output 5 “ChildIN Policy Brief: Fostering inclusion of autsitci children through learning provisions for childminders” of the Erasmus+ project ChildIN. On the basis of the experience of the project in the field, ChildIN provides useful insights for policy planning, contributing then to the improvement of the learning offer for childminders, and to the improvement of quality offer to care recipients.

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