Conseil départemental de la Nièvre

The Conseil départemental de la Nièvre is a territorial authority that manages and administers the Department of Nièvre. Nièvre is a department in the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in the centre of France named after the River Nièvre. 

Through its multiple skills, it makes it possible to improve the daily lives of individuals, communities, associations and companies in its territory.

Social action is undoubtedly the primary competence of the Departmental Council. It concerns all generations and is part of a global approach to departmental solidarity:

– maternal and child protection;
– health promotion;
– child protection;
– elderly and dependent people, including ABS;
– persons with disabilities;
– social and professional integration, including the management of the RSA.


Nadine Henriot

Fanny da Silva


Conseil départemental de la Nièvre
Rue de la Préfecture
58039 Nevers cedex

Phone: +33 03 86 60 67 00


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