IPERIA l’Institut, the expert for the professionalisation of family employment. It is mandated by the professional branches of childcare assistants and employees of individual employers to create and develop a training offer and professionalisation tools for assistants to dependent people, childminders and household employees. The sector of family employment counts over 3.4 million of individual family employers and 1.4 million of individual employees.

 IPERIA has two main objectives:
– turn family employment into a real and recognised professional sector;
– offer employees real progression possibilities and a professional career

Finally, for the past few years IPERIA has been actively working on European projects, mostly as a coordinator. Consequently, it enabled the institution to acquire significant experience and expertise in managing the European projects related to the professionalisation of domestic workers in the EU.


Gloria Ortiz

Aurélie Comat

Elena Diordieva


66 Avenue du Maine, 75014 Paris, France

Phone: +33 (0)800 820 920

Website: https://www.iperia.eu/institut/

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