Marco Santo

Marco Santos has a graduation in „Ciências da Educação”, „Educational Sciences” in English, and his writing his PhD dissertation on the history of these sciences. He has started his research by taking as his departing point the Portuguese and French-speaking’s countries and spaces.

During his research, he had presented his work in international conferences as the „European Conference on Educational Research” (ECER), promoted by the „European Educational Research Association” (EERA), particularly in the scope of the „Library and Information Science Network” (LISnet), the „International Standing Conference for the History of Education” (ISCHE), and the conferences of the „World Council of Comparative Education Societies” (WCCES).

He has a good knowledge of the international publishing system of scientific literature in English, but also in other languages as Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italian. His research is based in several international and national databases and interfaces, all of them with an international scope and audience.

Recently, he has started his works on vocational training across Europe and he is carrying out studies on early childhood education, and is planning to present his work in the EERA’s „European Research Network on Vocational Education and Training” (VETNET), and the „Inclusive Education Network”.


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