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Professionals from across Europe are trained on autism and inclusive childminding in Porto

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From the 26th to the 29th November, 11 professionals from Poland, France, and Portugal gathered in the Cooperativa Comenius offices in Porto in the framework of the ChildIN “learning mobility days”.  The objective was to train the trainers on the ChildIN modules implementation and discuss the learning materials for trainers (the “Training kit”), developed during the first year of the project to improve caring and inclusion of autistic children by childminders and other Vocational and Educational Training (VET) players across Europe.

This short term activity allows staff of the trainers and/or the teachers of the VET organisations involved not only to apply appropriately methodologies in training, but also to collect, evaluate, and report efficiently and effectively on all data collected. This activity also leads to the development of the ChildIN Guideline, an online practical guide for training providers to sue the training materials provided by the project).

After having introduced the ChildIN project and its methodology, participants provided different approaches on how to implement the ChildIN training for childminders in the first half of 2020. Trainers have had also the opportunity to express their views and suggestions for improving the “Training kit” and reach a final version. However, some elements, as the ones related to the childminders’ evaluation, will be reviewed more in detail during the training implementation. Indeed, all the trainers were committed in the success of the project, as well as in the improvement of the training of childminders, and in the development of the support provided to autistic children and their families.

Throughout the first part of the project, the ChildIN partnership has been developing its Competence Framework and its Resources Database (available soon online). These materials have been the starting point for Comenius and APPDA for developing the « Training Manual » to be used in the test of the learning materials developed in the project.

Previous to these “learning mobility days”, 14 partners from Portugal, France, Poland, and Belgium met also at Comenius offices in to hold the third transnational meeting of the project. Latest project activities and developments, as well as preparations for the pilot sessions of the learning materials produced competence framework, were discussed.