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ChildIN holds its second transnational meeting in Olsztyn

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On May 16 and 17, 14 partners from Portugal, Belgium and France travelled to Poland to hold the second transnational meeting of the ChildIN project in Olsztyn, hosted by project partners Techpal Sp. Z o.o.

At this meeting, the competence framework was presented. This deliverable defines knowledge, skills, responsibility and autonomy needed for home-based childminders dealing with children with autism spectrum disorders. This output aims at:

– defining core skills to be developed to support childminders in acquiring skills to positively and effectively deal with children diagnosed with autism and their families;

-defining learning outcomes, and learning units to develop identified skills;

-defining teaching and learning methods to achieve outcomes;

-ensuring that the design is compliant with ECVET/EQF principles, and provide advice on how to integrate them in existent frameworks;

-ensuring that the design is compliant with the EQAVET principles, in order to ensure quality of training;

-delivering the modules design, as learning architecture including all elements above mentioned, including general parts (care of children with special needs), and specific parts (autism related)

The output will be a substantial building block for the enhancement of a harmonized training provision for home-based childminders on specific topics, and will set the basis for an improved quality of the home-based care of autistic children: its transferability potential is very high, as the competence framework and learning architecture will be applicable in any country of Europe and beyond.

Furthermore, ChildIN partners provided some feedback for the different focus groups held in Poland, Portugal and France. They have also discussed other matters such as the criteria to build the ChildIN Database, the methodological approach for the training modules and the development of learning materials, and other aspects dealing with project management, dissemination and exploitation, quality or evaluation.

The meeting was also attended by some members of the Polish focus group of experts, such as Bozena Chrostowska, Professor of the Department of Social Pedagogics at the University of Warmia and Mazury and a mother of a person on the autism spectrum.

ChildIN partners will meet again in November 2019 in Oporto, Portugal. The project foresees five transnational meetings over its two-year lifespan.

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