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Parents, professionals, and VET providers validate the ChildIN Competence Framework

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Throughout April 2019, ChidlIN partners set three different focus groups in France, Portugal and Poland to define knowledge, skills, responsibility and autonomy needed for home-based childminders dealing with children on the autism spectrum.

The ChildIN project has chosen this form of qualitative research in order to raise the voice of persons with autism, parents, professionals, and VET providers, and see what childminders lack in their training. IPERIA l’Institut, Department of Nièvre, TechPal and APPDA Coimbra have been asked about their perceptions, opinions, and experiences towards the aspects that are important to be addressed on the ChildIN Competence Framework.

The Competence Framework will also include the learning design (modules design completed with learning outcomes and assessment methods) to achieve defined competences.

This output aims:
– to define core skills to be developed to support childminders in acquiring skills to positively and effectively deal with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and their families;
– to define learning outcomes, and learning units to develop identified skills;
– to define teaching and learning methods to achieve outcomes;
– to ensure that the design is compliant with ECVET/EQF principles, and provide advice on how to integrate them in existent frameworks;
– to ensure that the design is compliant with the EQAVET principles, in order to ensure quality of training;
– to deliver the modules design, as learning architecture including all elements above mentioned, including general parts (care of children with special needs), and specific parts (autism related).

The Competence Framework is a substantial building block for the enhancement of a harmonized training provision for home-based childminders on specific topics, and will set the basis for an improved quality of the home-based care of children with autism: its transferability potential is very high, as the competence framework and learning architecture will be applicable in any country of Europe and beyond.

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