The Comenius is a cooperative of Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers specialized in the secondary level of vocational training. It was founded in 2012. Its main goals are to offer the best qualifications to individuals, and to their public and private clients. Therefore, the Comenius has combined different organizations in order to improve the quality of the training services provided to individuals, public entities, and enterprises.

The cooperative has five cooperators and four other partners, that are VET providers throughout Portugal, working in areas related to different economic fields. The geographic coverage of its members has given it a national dimension, particularly in the North and in the Center of the country. Since then, it is able to develop and carry out national projects with professionals with the required skills and the best qualifications. The cooperative is also one of the partners in a “Centro Qualifica”, that is one of the official recognized centres of the Portuguese network of professional orientation services and of prior knowledge assessment.

Above all, the Comenius is developing training in the areas covered by its specialized centres related to the rural development and the forestry industry, located in Paredes, to the social and family support, located in Porto, and to the distribution area, located in Coimbra.

In the education and training areas, related to the ChildIN project, it has been working in a very specific level in two particular areas of the Portuguese “National Catalogue of Qualifications”, as follows: 1) the “Support Services for Children and Youth”, the “Serviços de Apoio a Crianças e Jovens”,  with the Portuguese code number 761, and 2) the ” Social work and Orientation “, the “Trabalho Social e Orientação”, with the Portuguese code number 762.


Rui Pedro Pena

Marco Santos

Paulo André Guedes


R. Hernâni Torres nº 197, 4200-320 Porto, Portugal

Phone: +351 22 509 1225