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ChildIN trainers complete their training sessions in Poland

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From the 9th of October to the 10th December, 16 participants attended the ChildIN pilot training sessions in Poland. The objective of the trainings is to prepare trainers for testing the “Training Kit” developed in the framework of the ChildIN project and designed to improve care and inclusion of autistic children.

The first three training modules were taught during face to face sessions in Poland while the last two, the fourth and the fifth modules, were conducted online via Zoom. The training sessions were moved online due to the spread of COVID-19.

The training was conducted by three coaches and included participants included from various groups including orphanage workers, social workers, parents of autistic children and students who want to work as childminders of autistic children.

Both participants and trainers were very satisfied with the training and the way the course was conducted. They found the course contents to be useful and they feel more confident in their ability to improve the inclusion of autistic children.

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