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Title: Benefícios e Nível de Participação na Intervenção Precoce - Perspectivas de Mães de Criançascom PEA
topic: Especial Education; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Family Participation; Early Intervention
  • Name of the author(s): COSSIO, Anelise do Pinho; PEREIRA, Ana Paula da Silva; RODRIGUEZ, Rita de Cássia Cóssio
  • Type of author(s): Researcher in autism
  • Tagline: autism - Especial Education Key words: autism - Especial Education
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Focus Academic Evidence-based Access/get resource
Autism-specific Yes Yes scielo.br/scielo.php?pid=S1413-65382017000400505&script=sci_abstract
No. of Modules of Training Type of Resources Language Year Stars
1 Academic Article/journal Portuguese 2017 5