Cristina Lavadinho

Training manager of the VET provider Mentores & Tutores from Coimbra, Portugal. 



Why are you interested in the ChildIN project?

I am interested in the project because it is a less developed area, and also because there are not any specific training modules on the subject tailored for childminders.

Why do you think that it is necessary to develop a training on autism for childminders?

I think that it is necessary because autism is a very diversified spectrum, and that it is necessary to prepare caregivers for this diversity and to act in accordance with the individuality of each person

What would be the project’s most valuable information/tool/result for you?

It would be important to have tailored training modules addressed to the future professionals,  to the future childminders and caregivers, so that they could be able to develop their work with more confidence, and with more knowledge on the autism children.

After all, it would be interesting if the parents will be able to trust their autistic children to more qualified caregivers.

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