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ChildIN releases a free database of more than 200 resources on autism spectrum disorder

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As additional support for childminders, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers and families, the ChildIN project makes available a free online database of resources on autism including reasoned description, assessed on the basis of their value in terms of learning quality, safety (this applies particularly to online games for autistic children), scientific soundness and community inclusion. These three dimensions has been assessed on the basis of a matrix designed jointly by the ChildIN partnership, that possesses high competences in all explored areas.

To date, the database counts with more than 200 resources in English, French, Polish and Portuguese, classified in the following main categories:

-Autism specificities

-Selected issues related to autism



-Others (like sexuality, self-awareness or family)

The database is also intended as a tool to ensure also sustainability and easy updating of the ChildIN training content after the project ending: as methods and techniques, but particularly game-based provisions, change over time, this tool will allow to find updated resources at any time, according to the needs. The database will be updated until the end of the project (April 2021).

The database is accessible on the project dedicated website:

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