Techpal Sp. Z o.o.

Techpal is an innovative training and consulting company that supports companies in the optimal use of Human Capital. By spreading effective management tools and the passion for creation, we inspire individuals and companies to self-improve and develop on the way to achieving business goals. We conduct training activities on the basis of an authorization received from the Minister of National Education on May 17, 1991.

We operate in the form of a capital company, and at the same time we are a family company. We care about professionalism worthy of the market leader, and at the same time we cultivate the “climatic” nature of our business, based on universal values ??and focusing on the needs of the second HUMAN.

For 25 years we have been strengthening the competences and qualifications of employees of private companies and public institutions as well as people remaining without employment. We offer open and closed training. We run the Research and Analysis Center, which deals with the design and implementation of research, statistical analysis and support for research and development projects and scientific research.

We effectively obtain EU funds from the European Social Fund. 40 projects received co-financing for a total amount of over PLN 40 million. We implement small and large EU training and consultancy projects, as well as research and development projects, focused on the development of companies from the SME sector. We advise at every stage of the project implementation.


Beata Traczewska


ul. Barcza 16
10-685  Olsztyn, Poland
Phone: +48 (89) 542 98 21

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