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Des experts polonais analysent le référentiel ChildIN

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On April 15 2019,  a focus group took place in Olsztyn, Poland. The focus group was organized to present the first draft of the Competence Framework to the relevant stakeholders so as to ensure that all aspects needed to make the learning modules effectively applicable are taken into account. Parallel to this, two other focus groups have also been set in France and in Portugal with the same objective.

The 12 participant of the ChildIN focus groups represented the following groups:

-Home-based childminders

-Families (parents and relatives) dealing with autism

-Autistic people

-VET providers

-Healthcare professionals

-Social partners

The participants were able to bring their comments to Competence Framework.

The Competence Framework will define knowledge, skills, responsibility and autonomy needed for home-based childminders dealing with children with autism spectrum disorder: it will also include the learning design (modules design completed with learning outcomes and assessment methods) to achieve defined competences.

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